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In Character News Wet Halloween Ahead – Expect a wet night of trick or treating as we move into a very rainy week. Rain moving in off the Gulf will be lingering … [ read more ]
In Character News Empty Playgrounds: Missing Children’s Cases Run Rampant in New Orleans – The Big Easy. it’s a great vacation spot for most people. Young people are always able to find a good time for Mardi Gras. Historians have a rich plethora of options to investigate when here dating back to … [ read more ]

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TITLE: “Night of the Living Dead”
23 WHEN: 7pm CST
JUN WHERE: Discord
ABOUT: The Orphans think they got a way to deal with the mages and necromancers in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, things down in Jefferson Parish get thrilling. Four player spots open. First come first serve.

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